Wednesday, May 19, 2010


May is always a busy month here. With my parents wedding anniversary, mother's day (which was lovely.) :) and at least few birthdays. A couple days ago it was my birthday. I hit the big 40! I remember when I turned 20 I thought 40 was old! LOL! Now that I'm here I can see it's not that bad. Though I do have days when I feel older than my age.
The day started like any other ordinary day except for the fact my 8 yr. old daughter kept telling me "happy birthday" every five minutes! LOL! Drove me nuts after an hour of it. I got lots of well wishes from family and friends via computer even though I couldn't be with any of them.
Round supper time we had a nice BBQ and I got a few gifts with a cake which my 4 yr. old helped me to blow out the candles. lol! So after eating cake it was back the the usual grindstone and I cleaned up after everyone and continued with my usual day. So all in all it was a nice day. Now I can worry about my son's 10th birthday next week and I have to remember to send my brother a card. He'll get it late but that's okay, he doesn't mind.

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